Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Golf Equipment

Golf Equipment

Golf equipment includes the various items that are used by the sportsmen who play the sport golf. The types of golf equipment include the golf ball itself, and other implements that are designed for striking the golf ball, such as the golf clubs, and also the other instruments that are used to help in the process of playing a particular stroke. Certain items that enrich the players experience while playing golf can also be included as golf equipments.

The golf balls are one of the most important among the golf equipments. They are made up of special materials, which are used in order to help the ball’s playing characteristics. The ball usually has a diameter of 42.67 mm and is covered by around 300 to 450 dimples. This is to help in the aerodynamics of the ball. The golf balls are divided on the basis of their construction, into three types, namely two-, three-, or the four- piece covers. The four- piece cover golf balls are the most expensive.

Among other golf equipments a player also carries several different types of clubs, which help him to play the game better. There are basically three major types of golf clubs, known as the woods, irons and the putters. The club wood is used to play long shots, either from the tee or the fairway; irons are used for precision shots either from the fairway or from the rough; putters are mostly used when playing on the greens, but can also be used when playing from the bunkers or also for some approach shots.

Other golf equipments can be the golf bags, which can be nylon or leather and are cylindrically constructed; ball markers, which help in marking the place of a ball; and also the golf carts, which help in the transport of the other golf equipments like the clubs and also the players across the greens. Also the golfers use gloves, towels, shoes, and clothes which keep the player comfortable while playing the sport, which can also be included as golf equipments.

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