Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Logo Golf Balls

Logo Golf Balls

A golf ball is a ball that is designed to be used in the game of golf. A regular golf ball typically weighs about 1.620 oz or 45.93 grams. It has a diameter of 1.680 inches or 42.67 mm. The typical golf ball will be covered by around 300 to 450 dimples. This is to help in the aerodynamics of the ball. The dimples on the ball are symmetrical and help the ball in its flight. The golf balls are divided on the basis of their construction, into three types, namely two-, three-, or the four- piece covers. The four- piece cover golf balls are the most expensive.

Logo golf balls are special golf balls that have a logo of a brand that is printed on the cover of the ball. A company or a brand will print its logo or name on the cover of a golf ball. This golf ball can be used in the sport or it can be used as a collector’s item. Advertising for a company on a logo golf ball is simple and the cost is very low. It is hence hailed as the ultimate cost effective way of advertising for a company, and it is aimed at executive decision makers. People enjoy receiving logo golf balls that are printed with a company’s logo and it is perceived as a high quality item that also improves the perception of the recipient towards the company. These logo golf balls also make great gifts for a client in the corporate world, or in high class social events. They can also be used as promotional articles for a company, corporation, or a club, or a firm.

Also, there are personalized logo golf balls available, which help an individual to completely personalize a golf ball with an image, or photos, a logo, or even text messages. These personalized logo golf balls make for great gifting ideas.

Golf Equipment

Golf Equipment

Golf equipment includes the various items that are used by the sportsmen who play the sport golf. The types of golf equipment include the golf ball itself, and other implements that are designed for striking the golf ball, such as the golf clubs, and also the other instruments that are used to help in the process of playing a particular stroke. Certain items that enrich the players experience while playing golf can also be included as golf equipments.

The golf balls are one of the most important among the golf equipments. They are made up of special materials, which are used in order to help the ball’s playing characteristics. The ball usually has a diameter of 42.67 mm and is covered by around 300 to 450 dimples. This is to help in the aerodynamics of the ball. The golf balls are divided on the basis of their construction, into three types, namely two-, three-, or the four- piece covers. The four- piece cover golf balls are the most expensive.

Among other golf equipments a player also carries several different types of clubs, which help him to play the game better. There are basically three major types of golf clubs, known as the woods, irons and the putters. The club wood is used to play long shots, either from the tee or the fairway; irons are used for precision shots either from the fairway or from the rough; putters are mostly used when playing on the greens, but can also be used when playing from the bunkers or also for some approach shots.

Other golf equipments can be the golf bags, which can be nylon or leather and are cylindrically constructed; ball markers, which help in marking the place of a ball; and also the golf carts, which help in the transport of the other golf equipments like the clubs and also the players across the greens. Also the golfers use gloves, towels, shoes, and clothes which keep the player comfortable while playing the sport, which can also be included as golf equipments.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Take Advantage Of Golf Fitness Program

Whether you are just getting started with golf or you are a seasoned player just coming off their off-season, here are some fitness ideas to help you condition for the game of golf.

The first thing you have to work on in golf fitness is your flexibility. Which makes sense, because in order to execute your golf swing correctly you have to develop the range of motions within your joints and muscles. Flexibility exercises should be done no less than four days a week. So that the exercises can be done correctly, allow ten to fifteen per session. Make sure you pay very close attention to your technique. If you aren’t doing your exercises correctly, then you won’t be doing any good for your golf game. And, finally, as always advised check with a doctor or physician before beginning any kind of exercise program.

You also need to incorporate strength training in your golf fitness program. The important thing with strength training is similarity. You want to do exercises that closely resemble your golf swing or at least a certain phase of it.

Stretching is common in all golfers, especially older players. But it is much different than stretching for a run. Include mostly rotational stretches in your fitness program for your core, lower back, shoulders and hips. This will certainly improve your game on the course.

If you combine your strengthening and stretching exercises then you will be able to get maximum results. For every strength exercise you do, you need a stretch exercise for that muscle you are working.

Another body part that needs to be strengthened for golf is your wrist. Your wrists play an important part in your golf swing. They control the club and provide the power behind your swing. You need to incorporate some wrist strengthening exercises into your program that will strengthen them for their role.

It is important to stay healthy for you perfect golf game. Take care of yourself and condition well.

- Warm up properly with some stretches and practice swings.

-That sun can be lethal on a warm Saturday morning. Protect yourself with sunglasses and sunscreen.

- As with any outside activity, drink plenty of fluids. Along the course there are several beverages stations, take advantage. And don’t make your beverage of choice an alcoholic one. Alcohol dehydrates.

- When picking anything up, especially those heavy golf bags, lift with your legs.

- Those little golf balls can do a lot of damage if one ever hit you. Be aware of your surroundings and any flying balls.

- If you have any golf-related injuries, seek a professional’s assistance. You don’t want to injure yourself anymore than necessary.

- Get off the course immediately if you see lightning anywhere near the golf course.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tips on Making the Perfect Power Drive

Golf is one of the best sporting games in the world, whether you are looking to gain that extra bit of fitness or just play a nice relaxing game, then this is the sport for you. People do get a bit nervous when they enter the golf course especially first timers, because they think they will underperform, or not know how to strike the ball correctly. The most important aspect while playing a game of golf will be to perfect the power swing, there are a few tips available that will help you do this.


First and foremost I would look at staying calm, golf should be played in a calm manner as if you have non stop adrenaline pumping through your body then you are likely to ruin your shot. You need to concentrate on a position in the distance and clear your mind of thoughts. Once that has happened you should then keep on eye on that pin pointed location.


Besides the above there are many more techniques which can be used to better your long drive. Below are a few more tips to help you along your way.


Some people say that getting cheap golf balls will in the long run affect your game. This is absolutely true because proper long distance golf balls can travel up to 20 yards further than the others.


Another aspect to consider especially if you are playing in serious games and competitions is to get your fitness levels built up. Professional golfers have a lot of strength and flexibility throughout their whole bodies, this comes with persistent training. You should generally practice yoga as this gives you control over your body and you should regularly visit your gym to keep your upper body strength at its peak.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Developing A Sound Golf Swing As A Foundation To Your Game

Golf is a wonderful game, played by many throughout the world I think the attraction of the game for me is that you can build the best golf swing ever, but you can never beat the game.

You will have your good days and certainly you will have your bad days but it is the constant challenge that golf puts up to me that keeps me coming back. Time and time again friends have thrown their clubs in the back of the car vowing never to return until they sort their golf swing out.

But they are usually the first ones on the tee next week, golf provides a constant challenge of weather, course conditions and nerve that keeps enthusiasts like me coming back for more.

How To Develop A Sound Golf Swing

The problem with starting out golf is that there is so much to think of and to buy. First there are the clubs themselves, then a bag to carry them around in. You then need something to hit and quite often lose, the golf balls, then of course you need to be prepared for the weather so you need shirts, jumpers and of course a wet suit just in case it rains.

Once you have all that then you may start to think about having some golfing lessons to learn about the golf swing itself.

A good idea to start out with is a course of lessons with the club pro. This will give you a sound grasp of the fundamentals but only of you practice to work into your game the methods and tricks your pro is teaching you. By the way try to book a course of lessons that includes the pro taking you out on the course, at least once.

Driving ranges and practice areas are essential parts of any golf club but there is never any substitute for experience on the course. When starting out, course management is probably very far from your mind but a little bit of knowledge in this area is worth many shots. Your pro will probably get you to play shots from various parts of the course and explain the pros and cons of what club and type of shot to play, very valuable information.

Once your course of lessons is over however it is over to you to keep up the development work on your golf swing.

Most people do not want to keep affording golf lessons but fortunately there are cheaper alternatives to use in the form of books and videos. You can always go back to the pro at a later date to iron out specific problems under an experienced eye.

A golf swing book is great because being lightweight you can take it to the driving range and practice that particular swing point the author is explaining to you first hand. Videos are great mediums for putting words into actions and frankly we golfers are spoilt for choice in this area but choice is always a good thing.

Hopefully this article has given you an idea of how to move your game on and make your introduction to golf a less frustrating and more enthralling experience.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

How Watching Golf Swing Videos Will Develop Your Game

If you wish to develop your golf game, it is essential you practice golf with targets in mind. These aims will help you to progress, depending on your talent level. There are different goals and objectives for different level players and to break into 100 (27 handicapper) you will need to hit at least one green hit out of every seven approaches. So as to break 97 (17 handicapper) it is necessary to have one fairway hit out of three drives and lastly, to break 80 (7 handicapper) it is necessary to have five up and downs out of ten chips. To attain all these objectives it is necessary to have yourself set personal goals.

Few people know golf training techniques as well as they say they do. You may not know as many golf ground rules as you think you know. Why not hit the books until you have all the fundamentals covered.

Secrets of golf, if known and applied well, are bound to lead you to the top of the game. Golf tips such as the following are very helpful: Study to arm yourself with knowledge of golfing and its rules. This particular point is made more important because, although it is simple, people tend to ignore it.

Golf swing videos will demonstrate how to twist your body well while playing. The force you need to drive the ball all the way is gotten by this. You will be amazed how far you can hit the ball in a few years if you continue like this.

Making a difficult shot the right way and over a certain distance may take only a few minutes of good analytical thinking on your part. Only an unambiguous challenge should be able to compel you into changing the current course of action you are pursing, so long as it works. In addition, it is not a necessity to feel the power of the stroke. Make effort to infuse ease in your swing because, already the ball has all the energy it needs.

Your balance may more or less be the chief key to a great shot and you must always fight to retain it. It is in your best interest to do away with anything uncomfortable on your person.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to Get Excellent Golf Tips

There are several stations where you can get golf techniques. The first place that you could look is your local bookstore. Even though golf is an outdoor sport that requires you to be active and take part in it, you can get many golf tips from many different books. Books on golf tips are great ideas because you can read through all of the different golf tips and then go to try them out on your own. If you wanted to, you could even take the book with you while you were golfing, and that way if you had any questions about what you should do, you could refer to the golf tips listed in the book that you had read.

Another good place to get golf tips is to rent or buy a golfing video. These videos will provide you plenty of excellent techniques because they will indicate you how to perform certain things while you are on the golf course. A video that contains golf tips is a great idea because you are going to be able to really watch someone golf and see what they are doing. You can bring your clubs in front of the television and practices, very carefully, as you watch your golf tips on the video.

Another place, and perhaps the best place, to get golf tips is to consult someone who knows about the game. See if you can make golf lessons, or achieve a private lesson or a trainer. This is perhaps the best way to learn how to golf because you can actually go out on the golf course with your trainer or your lesson and be able to golf in front of them, so that they can help you with the things you are doing wrong, and tell you what you are doing right.

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