Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tips on Making the Perfect Power Drive

Golf is one of the best sporting games in the world, whether you are looking to gain that extra bit of fitness or just play a nice relaxing game, then this is the sport for you. People do get a bit nervous when they enter the golf course especially first timers, because they think they will underperform, or not know how to strike the ball correctly. The most important aspect while playing a game of golf will be to perfect the power swing, there are a few tips available that will help you do this.


First and foremost I would look at staying calm, golf should be played in a calm manner as if you have non stop adrenaline pumping through your body then you are likely to ruin your shot. You need to concentrate on a position in the distance and clear your mind of thoughts. Once that has happened you should then keep on eye on that pin pointed location.


Besides the above there are many more techniques which can be used to better your long drive. Below are a few more tips to help you along your way.


Some people say that getting cheap golf balls will in the long run affect your game. This is absolutely true because proper long distance golf balls can travel up to 20 yards further than the others.


Another aspect to consider especially if you are playing in serious games and competitions is to get your fitness levels built up. Professional golfers have a lot of strength and flexibility throughout their whole bodies, this comes with persistent training. You should generally practice yoga as this gives you control over your body and you should regularly visit your gym to keep your upper body strength at its peak.

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